Friday, January 7, 2011

Piano Tuning Quotes - "Please Give Me a Quote"

Continue reading below, but I no longer give quotes. I cannot quote on something I've never seen. 

For fine tuning, my fee is $140 GST included. That price is for Vancouver, Richmond and North and West Vancouver. For outlying areas, the charge is more.

For pitch raising or lowering (above or below 10 cents. The spacing between each note is 100 cents), my fee is $30.00 (GST included) extra.

I always ask the customer to give me the general location of where the piano will be, the name of the piano and if possible, when it was last tuned.

At least this way, I have some information to help me assist the customer with general pricing guidelines.

For more information, check out my piano tuning fees: Tuning Fees.

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